Why Choose Us?

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Because of our 5 rules to repair by.

We explain your needs! We categorize them based on this simple rule. #1 is always safety. #2 Keep from breaking down and doing more damage. #3 Comfort issues. By looking at things in this way your money will be spent properly, NOT wasted on things that don't really help or matter to you.

2. Parts! Only the highest quality parts will be recommended.
We use parts that we can bank on. We try to avoid the CHEAPER QUALITY CHINESE PARTS if at all possible. The parts that A OK Walker uses most likely are what the engineers at your vehicles manufacturer originally spent lots of time and money to develop.  Also in most cases these parts have the best service life and warranties. That's important when you stand by your work for up to 3 years and 36,000 miles!

3. Upfront, accurate, and honest pricing.
We will not give you an estimate until we have fully inspected the vehicle and know exactly what we are dealing with. We don't subscribe to the tactics that many others do. Like the classic hostage tactic that's used everyday by many other auto repair providers. This how it works... They give you a great price and you say well, that is less than then other shop I talked to. Then after your car is disassembled and not drivable they hit you with the okie-doke,  which is an increase in parts or labor pricing because they found something they originally missed. They have your car hostage and You Need It Back! What do you do? Yep that's right. You just got taken. Also another tactic they use is the COUPON or DISCOUNT offerings. Now folks, if one guy says it's going to cost X amount and someone else gives you a price that is much lower they have to be doing something different. There are only so many ways you can cut corners until you sacrifice quality. Chances are they are not using the same quality of parts or they are not doing the same level of work.  And if they can be profitable doing low quality work then why should you need a coupon or discount? Just make the discounted price your normal price. Their goal is to attract business by making people "think" they are truly getting something for less. They just want your car on a lift to try and sell you other things you don't need.  These are some of the oldest tricks in the book and 90% of the large chain facilities use it daily!

When A OK Walker give you an estimate it will be complete. It will be based on your needs, it will be accurate, and it will be our honest best. And you will never see a coupon or discount offer from us. We are going to do the best we can to give the best price we can each and every time.

4. Understanding the customers needs.

We always try to imagine the shoe is on the other foot. What would we do in your position. What would we expect in your position. By thinking this way we tend to see the big picture. Like I mentioned before, we do not need a show room or a huge building that just raises the cost of business. Which in turn raise the cost of repairs.  We don't subscribe to the shady sales tactics of others.  WE ARE HERE TO FIX YOUR CAR CORRECTLY AT THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE!  

5. The five P's
Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Nothing more needs be said about that.