A OK Walker Autoworks has been a long time in the making. The founder Miles Walker has been managing and consulting in the automotive repair business for 25 years. We are a group of not only great mechanics but a car enthusiasts in general. We have repaired not only on your average family cruiser but also Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, Bentley, And Rolls Royce. Not to mention, we have worked on many motion picture or movie cars that you may have seen. His last major film was Trouble With The Curve where he built the Ford Mustangs driven by Clint Eastwood. Miles is also one of very few to have had the pleasure of working on "Eleanor" from Gone In Sixty Seconds. Most recently we built a 1967 GT 500 for Triumph Motorcycles to be used in a world record land speed record attempt where the Mustang would pull the 300+ MPH motorcycle up speed. Miles does come by it honestly though. Miles' entire family is or has been working on cars and trucks for nearly 100 years. His grandfather Oliver King started Walkers Garage back in the 40's. Oliver was well know as the guy to fix your car and to build and or tune your race car. The community referred to Oliver as A OK Walker. Hence the name when Miles decided to carry on the family legacy with his own shop. Oliver's brothers, nephews, and his son also followed in his foot steps. Oliver's brother Johnny Walker and his 2 sons, Larry and Jerry, owned and operated Walkers Garage well into the 80's. Miles' father JR Walker worked with his father Oliver at the original Walkers Garage and later on worked at Arthur Cole Chevrolet. He too had many racing and hotrod endeavors throughout his life. His oldest son Pace Walker (Miles' brother) has also spent his entire life working in the automotive world. Not only can he repair a everyday vehicle, he has a natural born talent that allows him to create one off fully custom parts for some of the nicest and most expensive street rods and race cars in the world. He was featured in Streetrodder magazine for his talent. Truly gifted! So needless to say, the automotive force is strong with this lot.

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The Original Walker's Garage
Circa - 1940's